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Typical Process
I will meet you at the property on the scheduled time and complete the interior inspection.

Landlords usually make arrangements with their tenants beforehand for a suitable time.

I will supply you with the necessary completed documents, at which time you will pay me
(I accept checks or cash).

You will sign the appropriate documents and return them to Baltimore County with your licensing fee.

NON-Resident Landlords:

If you currently reside outside of Maryland and would like me to inspect your rental property I can do this.

I will need the fee in advance and will hold your check until the inspection is actually performed, at which time I will mail the appropriate documents to your current address (please email this information) and you can then forward them to Baltimore County Licensing with your signature.

Please note that inspection does require access to the property, so make arrangements with your tenant or agent for an agreed upon time and date. Call me for more information, fees, and a mailing address.

As a licensed Maryland Home Inspector I can assist you in registering your Baltimore County property by completing the required inspection.

I will supply all the necessary forms, a hardcopy of the required photograph of your property, and a suitable mailing envelope and label.  All you need do is meet me at the property for the 20 minute walk through and correct any faults should that be necessary.

My fees are reasonable and competetive.  Call me now and we'll discuss your needs.  Short notice considered, personal checks accepted.

When the Inspection is completed you must then forward the following to Balto. County Code Enforcement:

    * -Rental Application
    * -Carbon Monoxide Alarm Verification
    * -Lead inspection information – if applicable (properties built before 1978)
    * -Inspection Evaluation Sheet & Photographs (Completed by me)
    * -Application fee,  (amount specified on application) with payment coupon


    * Original signatures must be in Blue Ink. {This insures an original document}
    * Upon receipt the Bureau of Code Enforcement will register the property and mail          you the license.
    * You must renew every 3 years and you must have the property re-inspected for renewal.

**Renewals for previous Rental Registrations should occur and be filed up to 90 days prior to the expiration date of the original registration.  Your registration will then continue for three years from the actual expiration date.

**Renewals must include either a copy of the original CO alarm verification (tenant unchanged) or a new CO alarm verification signed by the tenant (either existing or new).

**Renewals do not require a photograph of the property.

Additional considerations for CO alarms:

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law -


Effective October 13, 2010, all rental properties in Baltimore County must have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm installed in the common area, outside of, and audible in, each sleeping area of the unit.

Supply and install 1 or more Carbon Monoxide alarms in the common area outside of each sleeping area.  (The alarm must carry the listing of a nationally recognized testing laboratory approved by the State of MD  (UL))

■Provide written information on alarm testing and maintenance to at least one adult occupant of the housing unit, and maintain a signed acknowledgement by this adult that the information was received.

■Provide an alarm designed to alert hearing-impaired residents if an individual who is hearing-impaired occupies the housing unit and an occupant has requested the installation of the alarm by certified mail.

■By State law, all dwellings built after January 1, 2008 must contain hardwired carbon monoxide alarms. Under County law rental dwellings built prior to January 1, 2008, may have:

  1. the alarm wired into an AC power line with a secondary battery backup,
  2. or plugged into an electrical outlet not controlled by a switch, with secondary backup,
  3. or battery powered alone.

Independent Home Inspection

Links to Baltimore County Rental Registration forms, FAQ's can be found here.
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